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Something New in the ICO/NFT/Airdrop Aggregator Calendar Field

ONTARIO, CA, Nov 23, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Nowadays dozens of ICOs take place everyday making it really hard to pick the ones that will give you those precious Xs. Spending loads of time doing research might set you off the track, whereas having too little knowledge will definitely affect your decision effectiveness. It is no surprise, investing in crypto is very risky and people lose money all the time here. That is where aggregator platforms with like minded communities come in handy.

There are multiple ICO/NFT/Airdrop aggregators but they usually focus on one of these three. How that usually works: there is a list of upcoming events, you just scroll and pick the ones that caught your attention with their name or a logo. What if you could get opinions of others on the spot, saving your time and money? Well, I guess there is such a service now – www.hodlers.pro

What would I call Hodlers.pro? A Crypto Investment Social Network. It looks like a modern forum where people discuss different crypto events like ICO/IDO/NFT/Airdrops and more. New projects in amounts of around 3-6 are posted daily. They give you the most important information on a project such as the date of an ICO/mint, price of a token/NFT, exchange, used blockchain type etc. But it isn’t just the admins who can post projects – everyone can apply to be featured on their site, all for free! Of course, there’s moderation and only the best projects are posted. I see people debating in the comment section, giving the projects ranks, as well as giving meaningful info on how to earn more / get a wl etc. You can also follow any of the threads.

What also impressed me is their Discord. Their server seems very lively with people discussing different topics including relevant crypto news, DeFi and GameFi. Users ask questions and do get answers. Everyone is definitely united by one idea – making more money. Their roadmap says that they are going to implement a rank system to Discord, giving you a higher rank for helping others with their questions. I tried asking some questions about an NFT collection in their Discord and got several answers from multiple users in like 30 seconds! This is something that I have never seen before.

There’s also a blog with up-to-date news about cryptocurrencies as well as pretty well thought out analytics. They explain crypto terms in very simple words, so if you are a novice in crypto, getting on the track will certainly become much faster and smoother. As an example, one of their recent blog posts was on the risk to reward ratio. The topic was well explained in very simple language with relevant examples shown. The blog itself deserves a place in your bookmarks, that’s how good it is!

What we understood from their roadmap is that at some point of the project development they will mint their own token $HODL on Fantom blockchain. Users will be rewarded for insightful and valuable comments in $HODL. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to abuse the system – a moderator will be checking all incoming comments, which is surely a nice feature that will prevent the project from becoming a huge spam pit. A rank system will be added to the site as well. Not sure if the rank on Discord and the site will be connected though I would suppose so. All the information about ranks, experience of community members and the voting algorithm of the website will obviously be stored on the blockchain.

Another great feature that we noticed, while exploring their roadmap is the ad system. A project will be able to run ads on their site, increasing exposure. A feedback widget, a fully customisable launch page and the ability to organize the mint of your own tokens will also be added to the site. Allowing people to make money from the website would make projects invest in the project’s tools, thus creating a perfect money loop, where everyone stays profitable. We have already seen many examples of projects failing just because they lacked that.

Mobile devices weren’t left out either – Hodlers.pro will appear as an application in the Apple Store/Google Play, making the use of all the features, such as communication, voting, investing and receiving urgent notifications even more convenient and therefore significantly increasing the project’s audience!

If anything above got you interested in Hodlers.pro then I would recommend you to keep an eye on their Discord announcements – https://discord.gg/hodlerspro , since their 5,555 NFTs are coming real soon! Each NFT will differ in appearance and rarity. Happy owners (I’m minting) of these NFTs will get free access to the website in the future. Holders were also said to have a privileged role on the site and the Discord server, unlike other roles, whose access will be partially restricted.

The project we have here is something fresh that will benefit creators, investors and project owners big time. Having someone that you can discuss your future investments with is priceless. With the upcoming NFT collection Hodlers.pro is surely a product that if you pay close attention to, could bring you income right from the start.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: https://platodata.ai/

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