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Independent Consultancy Co-Founders Crack the Model for Collaboration – half rhino Triumphs at Global Agency of the Year Awards

Singapore – July 08, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – In a testament to the power of open collaboration, half rhino, an independent brand and experience consultancy co-founded by Cat Lyon and Sean O’Brien, has once again clinched top honours at the prestigious Campaign Global Agency of the Year Awards, beating large agency networks, and both Top 3 and Big 4 consultancies.

Cat and Sean act as Co-CEOs, bucking the trend of traditional industry thinking of a single leader; dividing the role equally and leaning into their complimentary skill sets. This approach provides more focused time directly with clients, mentorship and creating social impact. The approach is grounded in a broader belief that different cultural and generational backgrounds provide a unique and diversified view for their global client needs.

half rhino was founded on the principles of open collaboration and partnership – creating solutions that bridge the gap between consultancy, creative and delivery. Their partner network of agencies, specialists, and individuals across the world allows half rhino to create a true project team to work with their clients – not for them.

Working with mutual respect, openness and understanding is the key to the business. By bringing that attitude into all areas of business they create a level playing ground where the entire project team has a clear role and skin in the game. This pioneering approach allows them to leverage a diverse range of expertise and perspectives, ensuring that their campaigns are not only innovative but also highly effective.

Four time winners of Global Consultancy of the Year, and Drum Global Awards Start-up of the year 2022 – half rhino have established a differentiated business offering with no direct competitors. They continue to win high profile brands, driving business growth and contributing to society.

This year’s wins cements half rhino’s position as a leader in the field creating “a solution to client needs that is largely unmet by the larger groups and big consultancies” (DRUM Global Awards – Startup of the year 2022).

Co-founders Cat Lyon and Sean O’Brien expressed their gratitude and excitement over this remarkable achievement. “Winning Gold as co-leaders at these awards is a testament to shared responsibility, partnership and that collaboration is the way forward.”

Sean O’Brien added, “Our success is a direct result of our team’s hard work and our clients’ trust in our vision. By using an open model, we can tap into a global network of talent, providing our clients with the very best solutions. We are thrilled to be recognized among the best and look forward to continuing to create impactful campaigns that drive results.”

This latest accolade is just one of many that half rhino has gained over the five short years since their launch. Their impressive track record includes multiple international awards, highlighting their consistency in delivering top-tier work and their ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

As half rhino celebrates this significant milestone, they remain committed to their mission of delivering innovative, results-driven solutions for their clients. With a clear vision for the future and a passion for excellence, Cat Lyon, Sean O’Brien, and their team are poised to continue their winning streak and make even greater strides in the industry.

About half rhino

half rhino is a borderless brand and experience consultancy, based out of Singapore. They have built their business around a ‘unique business model’ of open collaboration and partnership (Campaign Magazine). Integrating deep specialisations in areas such as branding, design, experiential, retail, partnership development, content, AI, gaming, sustainability and innovation.

They have found a clear white space that enables them to ‘create solutions to client needs largely unmet by the larger groups and big consultancies’ (Drum Magazine). Their clients include a broad range of global brands in hospitality, technology, cryptocurrency, alcohol, luxury and lifestyle – including Hilton, Marriott International, Ripple, Essilor Luxottica, HP and Heineken.

Know more please contact: +65.8332.7683


Global Agency Leaders 2023, Consultancy – Gold

Global Consultancy of the Year 2023 – Silver

Award Wins Include

Campaign: Cat Lyon & Sean O’Brien – Global Agency Leader of the Year 2023.

Campaign: Global Consultancy of the Year – Gold 2020, 2021, Silver 2022, 2023.

Campaign: Global Agency Leaders of the Year (Consultancy) – Gold 2023.

Drum: Global Startup of the Year – Runner up.

Marketing Interactive – Awards for Boutique, for Specialist Agency and Local Hero of the Year 2022.

Campaign Asia Pacific: Cat Lyon – ‘Women to Watch’ – 2023 Winner.

Media Contact

Brand: half rhino

Contact: Sean O’Brien

Website: https://www.thehalfrhino.com/

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